The VIC Speckle Pattern Application Kit

Product Overview
Digital Image Correlation (DIC) relies on a high-contrast random pattern applied to the specimen’s surface to produce the most accurate results. In practice, if the pattern is too sparse, too dense, or the speckles are too large, spatial resolution of the measurement will suffer. Conversely, if the speckles are too small, aliasing may result causing noisy data. To reduce noise and lower uncertainty, the ideal speckle pattern for the desired field of view (FOV) and camera resolution must be applied. The VIC Speckle Pattern Application Kit enables the user to easily apply the ideal pattern to the surface of the specimen without any precise knowledge of sample area. The kit is easy-to-use, flexible, and available for a wide range of applications suitable with your VIC-2D or VIC-3D system. The kit virtually eliminates the potential bias that would result from poor sample preparation. The speckle application kit from Correlated Solutions provides an array of tools which can be used by new and experienced DIC users alike to quickly create the ideal speckle pattern. Speckle size suggestion tables for multiple fields-of-view and sensor resolution combinations are also provided.
The items included in the kit are shown and listed below.
  • Four stamp rollers with self-inking inserts
  • Four interchangeable stamps with one acrylic rocker
  • Three perforated stencils with one stencil frame
  • One ink pad with an extra bottle of ink
  • Hardware to create larger dots available upon request
There is a wide range of speckle pattern application techniques, but many provide inconsistent dot sizes from sample to sample, which also yield inconsistent results. This can be especially frustrating when recurring tests are performed. Producing repeatable dot sizes with the VIC Speckle Pattern Application Kit from Correlated Solutions provides the ability to quickly create predictable and controlled speckle patterns, which allows for the highest level of accurate and consistent results.
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