The VIC-3D HSVA System


The VIC-3D HSVA System
Non-Contact Full-Field ODS and Strain Measurement System
The VIC-3D™ High Speed Vibration Analysis (VIC-3D HSVA) System by Correlated Solutions, Inc. is a new addition to the Vic-3D product line of measurement solutions which enables full-field 3D viewing, measurement, and analysis of full-field operational deflection shapes (ODS’s) which occur from transient events. ODS’s in the frequency domain can easily be viewed and analyzed with levels of accuracy in the nanometer range. Three-dimensional displacements, strains, velocities, and accelerations are all computed for thousands of data points for any given frequency. The result is not only visual, but users can export the data for FEA analysis and validation.
System Features
  • View, compare, animate, graph, extract, and export data for easy FEA comparison
  • Measure 3D full-field, high frequency (50kHz max) operational deflection shapes with nanometer resolution
  • Measure extremely low amplitudes with extremely high accelerations
  • Measure extremely high amplitudes with low accelerations
  • Full-field strain, deformation, and shape variables are still available
  • Easy procedures, accurate results
  • User friendly interface
  • Only a fraction of the price of a laser vibrometer system
Application Example
An example of the system’s results are seen below. An thin 8″ x 10″ aluminum plate suspended with rubber bands was tapped from behind with a small hammer. The impact produced the following shapes:
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