SRS 880

  • Measuring range 10˚to 350˚
  • 88mm body diameter
  • M6 holes or M6 threaded holes for mounting
  • Operate fully submersed to 2m
Electrical angle ±2 ° 10 to 350 in 10° increments
Resistance ±20% Ω 14.3 per degree
Hysteresis (repeatability) ° Less than 0.03
Accuracy < 1 degree (e.g. ±0.3% over 330°, ±1% over 100°)
Power dissipation at 20°C W 0.003 per angular degree
Applied voltage maximum Vdc 0.2 per angular degree
Resolution Virtually infinite
Output smoothness To MIL-R-39023 grade C 0.1%
Insulation resistance Greater than 100MΩ at 500Vdc
Operating mode Voltage divider only - see Circuit Recommendation below
Wiper circuit impedance Minimum of 100 x track resistance or 0.5MΩ (whichever is greater)
Mechanical angle ° 360, continuous
Mounting Use 3 x M6 threaded holes in front face or 3 x M6 clearance holes through the body.See dimensions for details
Operating torque max gm cm 1000
Shaft velocity max °/sec 3000
Weight g 500
Phasing When through hole in shaft (and shaft flat) are 90° from scribed mark on front face, wiper is at mid travel, ±3°
Sealing IP68M
Shaft seal life > 20 million operations (10 x 106 cycles) of ±75°
Operational temperature °C -40 to +130 (continuous - sensor only)
Vibration RTCA-DO160D, 10Hz to 2000Hz (random), 12.61g rms - all axes
Shock Survival to 2500g - all axes
Explosive atmospheres Classed as ‘simple apparatus’ under BS EN 60079-14:1997
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