SLS 220

  • Stroke length 10 or 20mm
  • 22mm body diameter
  • Flange mounting
  • Spring loaded operation
Electrical stroke E mm 10 20
Resistance kΩ 0.4 ±15% 0.8 ±10%
Independent linearity ±% 0.5 0.35
Power dissipation at 20°C W 0.2 0.4
Applied voltage maximum Vdc 8.9 17.9
Resolution Virtually infinite
Hysteresis (repeatability) Less than 0.01mm
Operational temperature °C –30 to +100
Output smoothness To MIL-R-39023 grade C 0.1%
Insulation resistance Greater than 100MΩ at 500Vdc
Operating mode Voltage divider only - see Circuit Recommendation below
Wiper circuit impedance Minimum of 100 x track resistance or 0.5MΩ (whichever is greater)
Operating force maximum kgf 4
Life at 250mm per second Typically greater than 20 million operations (10 x 106 cycles)
Sealing Internally sealed to IP66 (spring loaded plunger is unsealed, so care must be taken when selecting for environments which have a risk of particle contamination)
Shaft velocity maximum m/s 2.5
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