Type 42AA

Type 42AA
he Pistonphone Type 42AA is a precision sound source for calibrating microphones. It is battery operated and produces a constant sound pressure level of 114 dB re. 20µPa (equivalent to 10 Pa) at 250 Hz, or 105.4 dBA re. 20µPa. Each Type 42AA is within 0.1 dB of the nominal value and is delivered with an individual calibration chart and a barometer for Class 1 static pressure corrections. For Class 0 static pressure corrections, a precision barometer is required.

The Type 42AA can be used both for field checks of complete measurement systems as well as for laboratory calibrations of measurement microphones. It complies with the requirements of IEC 942 (1988) Class 1 and is PTB approved.

Available accessories:
  • RA0023
    Adapter for 1" microphones
  • RA0024
    Two-port calibration coupler for ½" microphones. Used in comparison calibrations between two ½" microphones; one of which is a reference microphone. It can also be used in measuring the P-I (Pressure-Intensity) Index of intensity probes at 250Hz.
  • RA0072
    Octopus couplers for calibrating up to eight ½" microphones simultaneously. The main coupler of an octopus coupler, which replaces the pistonphone’s normal coupler, is connected to eight separate couplers via narrow-bore flexible tubes 50 cm long. Each of these separate couplers can accept a microphone or a plug substitute.
Specifications Type 42AA
Sound pressure level:
114 dB (re. 20  µPa)  ± 0.09 dB
250 Hz
Temperature range:
- 10 °C to + 55 °C
4 × AA alkaline (IEC LR 6)
IEC 942 (1988) Class 1
325 g
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