Type 14AA

Type 14AA
Actuator Supply Type 14AA
The Type 14AA is a high-voltage, high-gain amplifier and voltage supply for driving electrostatic actuators. The high-voltage output can also be used to drive standard micro-phones as sound sources. The Type 14AA can drive an electrostatic actuator with a 300 V peak-to-peak signal superimposed on 800 V DC. Its wide frequency range makes it possible to determine the pressure frequency response of condenser microphones from 200 Hz to 200 kHz (note: care should be taken below 200 Hz because of the influence of pressure equalisation in the rear volume of the microphone). The Type 14AA can be connected directly to an external signal generator or the generator output of any standard signal analyzer.

The Type 14AA together with the following available electrostatic actuators comply with IEC 61094 - 6 “Measurement microphones - Part 6: Electrostatic actuators for determination of frequency responses”.

Specifications Type 14AA
Input signal:
3 V peak-to-peak
+ 40 dB
Output signal:
300 V peak-to-peak
Actuator Polarisation Voltage:
800 V
Frequency response:
1 Hz - 200 kHz
Output impedance:
1 k Ohm
Power supply:
110 /130 V AC or 220/240 V AC
1.4 kg
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