Miscellaneous accessories

Miscellaneous accessories
The following miscellaneous accessories are listed in alphanumerical order.

Extension cable for Intensity Probes
12-pin LEMO 2B to 12-pin LEMO 2B extension cable 10m. For use with G.R.A.S. intensity probes.

Microdot to BNC cable
3m cable as supplied with Type 26CB; UNF 10-32 Microdot to BNC.

Elliptical Windscreen for Intensity Probes
Gives good protection at wind speeds greater than 0.5 m/s and can reduce pressure fluctuations caused by turbulence by as much as 20 dB.

Insulated coupling for artificial ear
Use as a substitute if necessary for GR0336 in the Artificial Ear Type 43AD to avoid ground loops.

Straight adapter for ¼" preamplifiers
7.5mm straight adapter for placing between a ¼" microphone and a ¼" preamplifier. Included with ¼" Intensity-microphone pair Type 40BI.

DC de-coupler
Inline BNC to BNC connectors for blocking the DC component in signals; for use with instruments requiring purely AC signal inputs.

Preamplifier adapter
1 to ½" adapter for using a ½" preamplifier with the 1" microphone used in an ear coupler (i.e. 1" Microphone Type 40EN in NBS 9A Coupler RA0075).

BNC to 7-pin LEMO Adapter
For utilising the signal and signal-ground pins only of the 7-pin LEMO input of a preamplifier power supply.

Special key
Used when dismantling the microphone assembly of Outdoor Microphone Systems.

Pistonphone Coupler
A larger-volume coupler for enabling Pistonphone Types 42AA and 42AD to produce a sound pressure level of 94dB instead of 114dB re. 20µPa. Essential when calibrating highly sensitive, G.R.A.S. low-noise measuring systems which would otherwise be overloaded by 114dB.

Tripod conversion screw
For adapting the W thread of a tripod to ¼" W thread.

A set of 6 (50mm) spacers for Array Modules PR0001 and PR0001-1.

Pistonphone Adapter
A pistonphone adapter for calibration checking the Ear Simulator Type 43AE.

PR0001 / PR0001-1
Modules for Array Microphones
G.R.A.S. Array Modules are mounting rails for up to six G.R.A.S. array microphones.

They have a single 3m cable which terminates in a 7-pin male LEMO plug 1B for connecting each array microphone in parallel with a constant-current power supply and a multi-channel facility for signal analyses.

A modular design allows multiple-array configurations to suit various measurement requirements using supplied as well as available accessories. In all cases, the pitch distance across Array Modules is maintained at 50mm.

The array microphones are simply plugged into the numbered SMB sockets (which are pitched at regular 50mm intervals) of the Array Module.

PR0001: has a central cable connection and is numbered 1 to 6 on one side.
PR0001-1:has a lateral cable connection and is numbered 1 to 6 on both sides.

Array Module
A mounting rail which allows array microphones to be spaced at intervals of 25mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, etc.

6-channel, cable cluster for Array Microphones Type 40PH/40PL
AC0015 and AC0016. Both have 7-pin LEMO plugs which branch out to 6 x 30mm coaxial cables terminating in either BNC or SMB connectors for direct connection to instrumentation.
AC0015: branches out to 6 BNC connectors.
AC0016: branches out to 6 SMB connectors.

Adapters/cables for Intensity Probe Type 50AI
AC0002: Adapter cable for Type 50AI-B for use with 01dB Symphonie.
AC0003: Adapter cable 12-pin LEMO to 2 x 7-pin LEMO for Type 50AI-C.
AC0004: Adapter cable for Type 50AI-LD for use with L&D analyser 2900.
AC0005: Adapter cable for Type 50AI-B for use with Müeller BBM and OROS analysers.
AC0006: Adapter for Type 50AI-HP.
AC0007: Adapter cable for Type 50AI-LD for use with L&D analyser 3000.
AC0008: Adapter cable for Type 50AI-B for use with 01dB Harmonie.
AC0010: Adapter: 18-pin LEMO to 2 x 7-pin LEMO.

Alkaline batteries
EL0001: LR6-AA 1.5V
EL0002: LR14-C 1.5V
EL0003: 6LR61 9V

BNC to BNC 50 extension cables
2m: AA0034.
3m: AA0035.
5m: AA0036.
10m: AA0037.
30m: AA0038.
XXm: AA0039-XX.
(XX = custom length in metres).

Extension cables for Low-noise Measuring Systems Type 40HF/HH
AA0046: 7-pin LEMO to 7-pin LEMO, 3m.
AA0047: 7-pin LEMO to 7-pin LEMO, 10m.
AA0048: 7-pin LEMO to 7-pin LEMO, 30m.

Mains/line power supplies
AB0001: SMPS regulated 220V AC to 5 – 24V DC 10W.
AB0002: regulated 220V AC to 15V DC 7.5W.
AB0003: regulated 110V AC to 15V DC 7.5W.
AB0004: regulated 220V AC to 5V DC 5W.
AB0005: SMPS regulated 110 - 220V AC to 6V DC 10W.
AB0006: regulated for UK 240V AC to 15V DC 7.5W.
AB0011: SMPS regulated 110 - 220V AC to 12V DC 10W.
Microphone adapters for pistonphones
RA0048: Adapter for ½” microphones (only for pistonphones with a 1” coupler RA0023).
RA0049: Adapter for ¼” microphones.
RA0069: Adapter for 1/8” microphones.

Plugs and cables
AE0001: 6-pin LEMO FFA.2S.306 male plug as supplied with Types 41AM/CN.
AE0003: 7-pin LEMO FGG.1B.307 male plug for preamplifier extension cables.
AE1002: 7-pin LEMO 1B series female connector for panel mounting.
AE1003: 7-pin LEMO 1B series female connector for cable mounting.
AE0037: LEMO ERG.2B.306.CLL panel socket for Types 41AM/CN.
EW0006: 4.8mm diameter high-quality, screened/shielded 7-core preamplifier extension cable, PUR jacket (1m).
EW0009: 2.5mm diameter screened/shielded 4 x AWG 30 EFTE cable, PUR jacket (1m).
EW0011: 2.8mm diameter screened/shielded 5 x AWG 30 EFTE cable, PUR jacket (1m).
EW0062: 7mm diameter combined coaxial and 8-core screened/shielded cable, PUR jacket (1m).
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