Type 45CA

Type 45CA
The G.R.A.S. Hearing-Protector Test Fixture Type 45CA is for testing the performance of hearing-protection devices such as ear plugs and ear muffs (supra-aural as well as circumaural). It conforms with ISO 4869-3 and can be used with one1 or two2:

  • WS1P or WS2P microphones
  • respectively 1-inch or ½-inch (with adapter, e.g. RA0017)
  • IEC 60318 Ear Simulators (RA0039)

It can also be fitted with IEC 60711 Ear Simulators (RA0045) and a range of moulded-rubber Ears for testing ear plugs.

The Test Fixture is mounted on a resilient base which reduces the noise floor to a minimum in a typical test situation.

1 For monaural measurements

2 For binaural measurements

3 Minimum required as in Figure 1 of ISO/DIS 4869-3

Specifications Type 45CA
Built in accordance with:
ISO 4869-3
(can also be used with two microphones for binaural testing)
Accessories included:
Acoustic cup GR0974
Acoustic plug GR1069
Accessories available:
See data sheet
Total height: 374 mm
Width: 145 mm
Base diameter: 215 mm
11.6 kg
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