Type 43AG

Type 43AG
The Ear and Cheek Simulator represents the section of a head important for realistic reproduction of the acoustic properties of the ear of an average human head.

It allows the use of an ITU-T type 3.3 pinna with a Shore hardness of 55 – 00 or 35 – 00 to be used with an IEC 60318-4 (formerly IEC 60711) Ear Simulator (RA0045).

Eight different KEMAR Ears are available for the Type 43AG: small – large and left – right in soft and very soft versions are available. The small ears are typical of the pinna sizes of American and European females as well as for Japanese males and females.

Large ears are more representative of the pinna sizes of American and European males.

The Type 43AG can be used for headsets, hearing aids, circum-aural headsets, mobile phones etc.

Specifications Type 43AG
Dimensions: height: 46 mm
diameter: 120 mm
width: 112 mm
Weight: 850 g
Accesories included: See datasheet
Accesories available: See datasheet
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