The IEC 711 Ear Simulator Type RA0045 is an ear simulator with an input impedance closely resembling that of an average human ear. The RA0045 includes a Type 40AG pressure microphone and each RA0045 is individually calibrated with this specific microphone.

The RA0045 meets the requirements of IEC 60711:1981 Occluded-ear simulator for the measurement of earphones coupled to the ear by ear inserts.

The RA0045 is measured and calibrated according to the ITU-T Recommendation P.57 (08/96) “Series P: Telephone transmission quality, Objective measuring apparatus: Artificial ears”.

The RA0045 is also part of the G.R.A.S. Artificial Ear Type 43AC. It can also be used with either of the Pinna Simulators RA0056 or RA0057 to simulate a complete ear for testing telephones and loudspeakers.

Specifications Type RA0045
Standards: IEC 60711 (prev. IEC 711) and ITU-T Recommendations P.57 (08/96)
Effective volume: 1.26 ±0.003 cm³ @ 500 Hz
Resonant frequency: 13.5 kHz ±1.5 kHz
Dimensions: height: 36.5 mm
diameter: 23.8 mm
Weight: 71 g
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