The RA0075 is a Coupler for testing earphones according to ANSI S 3.7 – 1995.

It uses a 1" pressure condenser microphone with a preamplifier, e.g. the 1" Microphone Type 40EN and a ½" Preamplifier Type 26AK with a ½" to 1" Microphone Adapter RA0073.

The RA0075 is also part of the G.R.A.S. Artificial Ear Type 43AF.

Specifications Type RA0075
Standards: ANSI S3.7-1975, Coupler calibration of earphones
Accessories available: 1" Microphone Type 40EN
½" Preamplifier Type 26AK
½" to 1" Microphone Adapter RA0073
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