The Coupler Type RA0038 is a standard 2 cm³ Coupler according to IEC 126 and ANSI S3.7-1973. It uses a ½" microphone (preferably the Type 40AG) with a suitable preamplifier (e.g. the Type 26AC which is a ¼" preamplifier but is supplied with an adapter for ½" microphones).

The RA0038 is for use in the acoustical measurements of insert type hearing aids and earphones. To avoid possibly damaging the microphone, the RA0038 can be used with a microphone fitted with its protection grid.

The RA0038 is also part of the G.R.A.S. Artificial Ear Type 43AB.

Specifications Type RA0038
Standards: IEC 60126 Ed. OB (prev. IEC 126) and ANSI S3.7-1973
Accessories available: ½" Microphone Type 40AG
¼" Preamplifier Type 26AC
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