Telephone Test Head

Telephone Test Head
The Telephone Test Head Type 45AA is a tailor-made fixture for testing the acoustic performance of telephone handsets in accordance with international standards and recommendations.

The design of the Type 45AA combines precision with a robust construction to ensure stability and reproducible test results with a minimum of acoustic interference.

When used with an Artificial Ear Type 43AD or an Ear Simulator Type 43AE, and a Mouth Simulator Type 44AA/44AB, it can be set up for testing telephone handsets in accordance with ITU-T recommendations.

Positioning of the mouth
Four different, detachable precision brackets are provided for mounting the Mouth Simulator according to the standardised positions shown in the table for speaking into a telephone. These positions are maintained to within an accuracy of 1 mm. Reference gauges are available for verifying this.

Speaking Position Recommendation
AEN ITU-T Rec. P76

Anti-vibration Mounts
The Type 45AA stands on four anti-vibration mounts to isolate it from extraneous vibrations which could otherwise lead to spurious measurement results.

Handset Alignment
The Type 45AA is provided with graduated guides and stops for aligning a telephone handset correctly in position over the Artificial Ear. Lateral guides are independently adjustable to cater for asymmetrical handsets.

Once aligned, an adjustable spring-loaded, padded clamp will hold the handset in position. As specified in some tests, an adjustable force may also be applied by adding a small mass to the measurement object.

Specifications Type 45AA
Mouth positions: See table above
Handset alignment: Four lateral guides independently adjustable over 35 mm to cater for asymmetrical handsets. Longitudinal stop adjustable over 35 mm. All adjustments relative to centre of coupler aperture.
Dimensions: Height: 375 mm (14.8")
Width: 180 mm (7.1")
Depth: 200 mm (7.9")
Weight: 2.3 kg (5.5 lb)
Accessories included: Two types of adjustable detachable clamps: Spring loaded GU0138 (for laboratory testing, adjustable from 0 to 8N) and GU0133 (For production testing, heavy duty).
Four detachable brackets for speaking positions: LRGP, AEN, HATS, and REF
Accessories available: Mouth Simulators, IEC 318 Artifical Ear, IEC 711 Ear Simulator, Pinna Simulators, Pistonphone, Sound Calibrator, Power Module and Reference Gauges
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