Type 50VX

Type 50VX
The G.R.A.S. X-Y-Z Intensity Probe Type 50VX is a two-channel intensity probe for serially measuring a three-dimensional sound intensity vector in a stationary sound field.

It includes a pair of phase-matched intensity microphones Type 40AI mounted on a pair of Preamplifiers Type 26AA with adapters and spacers. The whole assembly is mounted on a swivel head that can be swivelled in three mutually-perpendicular directions by means of a pair of slider buttons on the probe handle.

The probe handle has inputs for 2 preamplifiers and a pair of LEDs for indicating two states as well as a pair of push buttons for interactive use with a remote-control system. For example, the output socket for remote control can be connected to the RS232 interface of a computer which controls the process of data acquisition.

Specifications Type 50VX
Microphone pair:
2 × Type 26AA (with 4-pin LEMO FGG OB)
12 mm, 25 mm, 50 mm and 100 mm
Frequency response & phase matching:
IEC 1043 Class 1
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