Type 50VI-3

Type 50VI-3
The G.R.A.S. Wide-band Intensity Probe Type 50VI-3 is a flexible and adjustable four-channel sound-intensity probe.

It enables sound intensity measurements using two different microphone spacers simultaneously to cover an extended frequency range.

The spacers used with the Type 50VI-3 have lengths of 25 mm and 60 mm to cover a frequency range from 80 Hz to 6.3 kHz.

The remote control output can, for example, be connected to an RS232 interface for computer control of the process of data acquisition.

The Wide-band Intensity Probe Type 50VI-3 comprises two pairs of phase matched intensity microphones Type 40AI, two pairs of preamplifiers Type 26AA, 25 mm and 60 mm spacers, a 6-channel probe handle and a 5 m cable with LEMO connectors.

Specifications Type 50VI-3
Microphone pairs:
4 × Type 26AA (with 4-pin LEMO FGG OB)
25 mm and 60 mm wide-band spacer
Frequency response & phase matching:
IEC 1043 Class 1
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