Type 50VI

Type 50VI
The G.R.A.S. Vector Intensity Probe Type 50VI is a flexible and adjustable, two or three-dimensional sound-intensity probe.

The probe handle has marked inputs for 3 pairs of preamplifiers (a pair for each of the mutually-perpendicular directions) and a 24-pin LEMO output socket at its base for connecting it to a suitable Power Module (e.g. Type 12AC) or Power Modules (via cable adapter).

The Type 50VI includes:
  • Three pairs of phase-matched intensity microphones
  • Type 40AI.
  • Three pairs of Type 26AA preamplifiers.
  • 25mm and 50mm spacers to cover the frequency range 80Hz to 6.3kHz.
  • 6-channel probe handle.
  • 10 m cable (24-core) with LEMO connectors (for direct use with Type 12AC),
  • Cable adapter for splitting the six preamplifier channels into six separate short leads (marked accordingly wth channel designations) each terminating in a 7-pin LEMO connector.
Type 50VI-1 is the three-dimensional version.
Type 50VI-2 is the two-dimensional version.
Specifications Type 50VI
Microphone pair:
2 × Type 26AA (with 4-pin LEMO FGG OB)
3-D (and 2-D) 25 mm and 50 mm
Frequency response & phase matching:
IEC 1043 Class 1
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