Type 51AB

Type 51AB
The Intensity Coupler Type 51AB is a coupler for calibrating the phase response of microphone pairs used for measuring sound intensity, e.g. the Type 40AI and Type 40BI.

It includes a calibrated acoustic resitance to enable the computation of particle velocity and intensity levels.

The Type 51AB complies with the standards of IEC 1043.

Specifications Type 51AB
Input connector:
BNC socket
Maximum input signal:
Frequency range:
50 Hz - 6.3 kHz
Frequency-intensity index:
>27 dB (nomin. mic. spacing 25 mm)
SPL difference between channels:
< 0.1 dB
Operating temperature range:
+ 5 °C to + 40 °C
height: 42.2 mm
width: 50.3 mm
depth: 60.0 mm
515 g
Accessories included:
2 × ¼" microphone adapters
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