Power Module Type 12AQ

Power Module Type 12AQ
The G.R.A.S. Power Module Type 12AQ is a dual-channel power supply for preamplifiers (CCP as well as traditional) used with measurement, condenser microphones.

It has facilities for both manual control and remote control. Manual control is via its front-panel switches and push buttons. Remote control is via its RS232 interface.

The Type 12AQ is for general use in acoustic measurements as well as for intensity measurements; both in the laboratory and in the field.

Traditional preamplifiers
For traditional preamplifiers such as Type 26AL (¼-inch) or Types 26AJ and 26AH (½-inch), the Type 12AQ provides:
  • a voltage supply (± 15 V or ± 60 V) for powering up to two microphone preamplifiers.
  • a polarization voltage (200 V or 0 V) for two condenser microphones.
  • a SysCheck signal (1000 Hz) for calibration checks.
CCP preamplifiers
For CCP (constant-current power) preamplifiers such as Types 26CB and 26CC (¼-inch) or Types 26CA and 26CF (½-inch), the Type 12AQ provides a constant current supply (4 mA) sourced at 28 V DC for two CCP microphone preamplifiers.
Signal Conditioning
Each channel can be set-up independently in terms of gain, filter, input, output and polarization voltage.
The gain can be set from – 20 dB to 70 dB in discrete steps of10 dB. A series of front-panel LEDs follows and indicates the current gain setting.
The filter characteristics can be selected from one of the following:
  • Lin for linear response with a high-pass filter of 0.2 Hz.
  • HP for linear response with a high-pass filter of 20 Hz.
  • AW for an A-weghted response.
  • Ext for an optional, customised signal-response network (contact G.R.A.S. for further details).
The microphone signal can enter the Type 12AQ via either of the following input sockets on the rear panel. BNC sockets for microphones used with CCP preamplifiers 7-LEMO sockets for microphones used with traditional preamplifiers
The conditioned output signals, via the BNC output sockets on the rear panel, can be made available as either floating or non-floating.
Polarization voltage
Applicable to 7-pin LEMO preamplifier inputs on the rear panel. Can be set to either 0 V or 200 V
Preamplifier supply voltage
This can be set to either ± 15 V or ± 60 V. The chosen value will apply to both 7-pin LEMO preamplifier inputs.
This can be set to either SysCheck signal (1000 Hz) on or off. The chosen condition will apply to both 7-pin LEMO preamplifier inputs.
Power Supply
The Type 12AQ can be powered either by internal standard alkaline cells (6 x LR14 {C}) or from the included mains/line Adapter for either 115 V AC or 230 V AC 1..
Specifications Type 12AQ
Traditional preamp. inputs: Connectors: 7-pin LEMO
Power supply: ±15 V or ± 60 V
Polarization: 0 V or 200 V
CCP inputs: Connectors: BNC coaxial
Power supply: 4 mA sourced at 28 V DC
Signal inputs: Connectors: BNC coaxial
Impedance: 100 Ohms
Output: Floating or non-floating
Overload level: 9 V peak
Gain: –20 dB to 70 dB in discrete steps of 10 dB
Filters: Lin: HP filter 0.56 Hz, –1 dB (2nd order)
HP: HP filter 20 Hz, –3dB (butterworth 3rd order)
AW: A-weighting, IEC 61650 type 0
Ext.: Optional customised signal-response network
SysCheck: Output: Sinusoidal
Frequency: 1000 Hz
Level adjustable: 0 - 5.6 V rms
Control interface: Interface to host. Smart RS232, MSG line
Power supplies: Internal batteries: 6 x LR14 (C) alk. cells
External power: 8 - 18 V DC
Dimensions: Height: 132.6 mm (5¼")
Width: 69.5 mm (2.7")
Depth: 237 mm (9.3")
Weight: Without batteries: 1.35 kg (3 lbs)
With batteries: 1.75 kg (3.85 lbs)
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