Power Module - Type 12HM

Power Module - Type 12HM
The G.R.A.S. Power Module Type 12HM is a 10-channel power supply for multi-channel low-noise measurements using the matched, low-noise preamplifiers and high-sensitive microphones of a G.R.A.S. low-noise measuring system.
The Type 12HM provides:
  • polarisation voltage (200 V) for up to 10 condenser microphones
  • voltage supplies (±15 V) for powering up to 10 microphone preamplifiers
  • individual response setting, pressure or free field, for each channel
  • individual gain adjustement of ±3 dB for each channel
When fitted with the above matched preamplifiers and microphones, each channel of the Type 12HM supports the specifications of a G.R.A.S. low-noise measuring system, and can be used in sound-pwer measurements of low-noise products, such as disk drives, under anechoic or semi-anechoic conditions in accordance with IEC 745:1977.
Specifications Type 12HM
Input channels:
10 x 7-pin LEMO EGA 1B connectors
Outputs channels:
10 x BNC sockets
Output impedance:
30 Ohm
Polarisation voltage:
200 V
Gain adjustment/channel:
 ± 3 dB
Channel separation:
> 90 dB
Power supply:
115 or 230V AC, max. 35 VA
height: 132.6 mm (5¼")
width: 420 mm (16½")
depth: 196.0 mm (7.7")
5.5 kg (12 lbs)
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