Type 41AW

Type 41AW
The Window Microphone Type 41AW meets the current Swiss code of practice for measuring noise at window-pane locations.
It is attached (using double-sided adhesive tape) to the outer surface of a window pane, or leant up against it supported by a pole, for monitoring the noise exposure on the outer surface of the window.
Normally, a window will be the weakest point in evaluating external-sound insulation but any other surface exposed to external noise can be likewise monitored.
The main components of the Window Microphone are a preamplifier (Type 26AC) and microphone (Type 40AF) mounted on a 160 mm aluminium disc, a detachable hemispherical foam wind screen is also included. The microphone normally points towards the disc (and window pane) but can be flipped round for Pistonphone calibration.
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