Type 41CN

Type 41CN
Outdoor Microphone, 90º Type 41CN
An outdoor microphone unit for permanent outdoor installations, for example in systems for monitoring community noise or traffic noise. The unit has a built-in A-weighting network, a ± 20 dB amplifier, and an electrostatic actuator for a complete check of system functionality. This unit is type approved by PTB as part of a monitoring system for type 1 Sound Level Measurements.
This unit is fitted with a special ½" microphone for measurements at 90º incidence. This microphone (the Type 40AS) is optimised for use with its windscreen and rain protection.
See also Type 41AL for a low-cost alternative to permanent outdoor installations.
Specifications Type 41CN
Specifications Type 41CN
50 mV/Pa (unified)
Dynamic range:
20 - 136 dB re. 20µPa
Frequency response:
Type 0 for both: IEC 60651 and ANSI S1.4-1983
>Power supply:
12 - 18 VDC
Cal. level of electro-static actuator:
90 dB at 1000 Hz
>Output connector:
6-pin LEMO
Pole adapter:
50 mm (1.97'') G 1½'' (ISO 228/1)
Reference direction:
90° (horizontal for community noise)
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