Type 41AL

Type 41AL
The series of G.R.A.S. Environmental Microphones are a new, low-cost alternative to Outdoor Microphones, such as Types 41AM and 41CN. Outdoor Microphones, with their stainless-steel casings, elaborate sealing systems etc., are for permanent unattended outdoor installations, whereas the series of Type 41AL Environmental Microphones are more for short-term outdoor measurements covering periods from a few days to several weeks*. They can withstand continuous rain and operate over a wide temperature range. When the windscreen is removed, the Type 41AL can be calibrated with a pistonphone using the special Pistonphone Adapter Type RA0010. Afterwards, the integrity of the measurement system as a whole can be checked using the optional built-in SysCheck capability. The Type 41AL fulfils the requirements of IEC 60651 for Type 0 Sound Level Meters and is available in four versions covering measurements at both 0º and 90º incidence. Available versions:
  • Type 41AL-S (community noise)
  • - with externally-polarised microphone and 90º incidence.
  • Type 41AL-1 (airport noise)
  • - with externally-polarised microphone and 0º incidence
  • Type 41AL-2 (community noise)
  • - with prepolarised microphone and 90º incidence
  • Type 41AL-6 (airport noise)
  • - with prepolarised microphone and 0º incidence
Specifications Type 41AL
Specifications Type 41AL
Sensitivity: 50 mV/Pa (nominal)
Dynamic range: 20 - 146 dB re. 20µPa
Frequency response:
Type 0 for both: IEC 60651 and ANSI S1.4-1983
Power supply, Single: 28 V, 0.7 mA to 120 V, 2.5 mA
and Dual: ±14 V, 0.7 mA to ±60 V, 2.5 mA
Polarisation voltage, 41AL-S and  41AL-1: 200 V
Polarisation voltage, 41AL-2 and 41AL-6: 0 V
Output connector: 7-pin LEMO 1B, 3 m cable included
Pole adapter: 50 mm (1.97'') G 1½'' (ISO 228/1) used with AL0001
Mic. type and reference direction: See above under available versions
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