Handset Positioning System Type 45EA

Type 45EA
The Handset Positioning System Type 45EA positions handsets onto KEMAR Manikin Type 45BM.
The system features nine moving segments that simulate the human arm, wrist, palm, and fingers holding a handset in the speaking-listening position. This includes a handset fixture with a spring arrangment allowing different-sized handsets to be easily attached and detached.
All moving segments are provided with graduated scales to be read off for repeated measurements.
The system also permits the pinna leakage pressure to be adjusted over a wide range (3-18 Newton) and read off accurately using the force gauge supplied. For force exceeding 18 Newton, extra springs can be ordered.

  • Telephone handset testing (accurate mobile phone test equipment - also for cordless phones)
  • Telephone handset Research & Development
  • Designed for mounting onto G.R.A.S. KEMAR Manikin with Mouth Simulator Type 45BM

  • Multi-adjustable in three planes (nine moving segments), thus allowing handsets to be exactly positioned according to requirements/standards
  • Simulating arm, wrist. palm, and fingers
  • Handset fixture featuring a spring arrangement for easy attachment/detachment of practically any mobile/cordless handset
  • Adjustable force (pinna leakage pressure)
  • Graduated scales at all positioning and force adjustments to ensure that any handset position / force audjustment is entirely defined for repeated measurements
  • Options for pinna size and hardness
  • Applicable for both right and left ear
  • Easy to retrofit
  • Jig for ERP-positioning of handsets
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