Type 40EU

Type 40EU
The Type 40EU is a 1-inch laboratory-standard microphone for use in couplers. It fulfils the requirements as a replacement for WE 640 microphones.
As a pressure microphone, it has a flat pressure-frequency response over its entire working frequency range, ideal for measuring high sound pressure levels.
This microphone is capable of measuring sound pressure levels up to 146 dB re. 20µPa.
Specifications Type 40EU (LS1P)
Specifications Type 40EU (LS1P)
50 mV/Pa
Dynamic range:
9.6 - 146 dB re. 20µPa
Frequency range:
2.6 Hz - 8 kHz
Polarisation voltage:
200 V
Outside diameter (with protection grid):
23.77 mm
Length: (with and
19.0 mm
without protection grid):
17.1 mm
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