Type 40DP

Type 40DP
The Type 40DP is a 1/8" microphone for very high level and high frequency measurements. Its low sensitivity makes it ideal for measuring very high sound pressure levels of up to 184 dB (10% dist.)
Its small size reduces the disturbances in the sound field, resulting in a frequency range up to 140 kHz.
Specifications Type 40DP
Specifications Type 40DP
1 mV/Pa
Dynamic range:
40 dBA - 174 dB re. 20µPa
Frequency range:
6.5 Hz - 140 kHz
Polarisation voltage:
200 V
Outside diameter (with protection grid):
3.5 mm
Length: (with and
6.7 mm
without protection grid):
6.1 mm
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