Type 40EN

Type 40EN
The Type 40EN (configured as shown on the right) is a 1" pressure microphone (WS1P) ideal for measurements in couplers, e.g. the G.R.A.S. RA0075 NBS 9-A Coupler used for testing earphones according to ANSI S 3.7 – 1995.
It can also be flush-mounted (configured as shown on the left) to measure sound pressures at walls and boundaries as well as be used as a laboratory-standard microphone.
Specifications Type 40EN (WS1P)
Specifications Type 40EN (WS1P)
50 mV/Pa
Dynamic range:
9.6 - 146 dB re. 20µPa
Frequency range:
2.6 Hz - 8 kHz
Polarisation voltage:
200 V
Outside diameter (with protection grid):
23.77 mm
Length: (with and
19.0 mm
without protection grid):
17.1 mm
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