Power Module - Type 12AN

Power Module - Type 12AN
The Power Module Type 12AN is a four-channel, battery-operated, microphone power supply. It has four 7-pin LEMO 1B input connectors for microphone preamplifiers and four BNC output sockets.

It can provide a polarisation of 200V for externally-polarised microphones or 0V for prepolarised microphones. The Type 12AN has a battery indicator to monitor battery condition and an input socket for an external power supply.
Specifications Type 12AN
Input channels:
4 × 7-pin LEMO 1B connectors
Outputs channels:
4 × BNC sockets
Preamplifier supply:
±15 V
Polarisation voltage:
0 V or 200 V
Frequency response:
0.5 Hz - 200 kHz
Output impedance:
30 Ohm
Power supply:
4 × AA alkaline batteries or 6 - 20 V DC mains/line adaptor for 220/115 V
height: 44 mm
width: 210 mm
depth: 196 mm
1.2 kg
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