Power Module - Type 12AG

Power Module - Type 12AG
The Power Module Type 12AG is an 8-channel mains/line operated power supply, but can also be powered by an external DC supply. It is built for multi-channel acoustic measurements, using preamplifiers and condenser microphones.

It offers a choice of linear response, A-weighting and high-pass filters, and a built-in 1000 Hz oscillator to enable a complete channel check when used in conjunction with preamplifiers having a SysCheck or similar facility. The polarisation voltage can be set to either 0 V or 200 V allowing use of both conventional and prepolarised microphones. The preamplifier supply voltage can be selected internally to either 28 V or 120 V.

The Type 12AG has 7-pin LEMO 1B input connectors for microphone preamplifiers. All channels have dual overload indicators, one instantaneous and one latched.

The gain in each channel can be selected individually in steps of 10 dB from 0 dB up to +50 dB. The high-pass filters are 3-pole butterworth filters with a –1 dB cut-off frequency at 20 Hz to remove unwanted low-frequency signals, for example caused by wind-induced noise on microphones.

The cabinet width is half the width of a standard 19" rack. With the rack mounting system Type AK0040, 12 of these Power Modules can be mounted in a standard 19" rack.

19" Rack-mounting System AK0040
The AK0040 is a shelf for mounting instrument cabinets, e.g. G.R.A.S. Power Modules, and can itself be mounted in a standard 19" instrumentation rack via its flanges. It can house instruments 133 mm high and is wide enough to contain instruments amounting up to a total width of 430 mm.
Specifications Type 12AG
Input channels:
8 × 7-pin LEMO 1B connectors
Outputs channels:
8 × BNC sockets and 2 × VXI sockets
Gain settings:
0 dB, +10 dB, +20 dB, 
+30 dB, +40 dB, +50 dB
Preamplifier supply:
28 V or 120 V (4-channel groups)
Polarisation voltage:
0 V or 200 V (4-channel groups)
Frequency response:
3.5 Hz - 200 kHz
A-weighting network:
IEC 60651 Type 0 and IEC 61672 Class 1
Output impedance:
30 Ohm
Power supply/ consumption:
110 - 240 V AC / 100 mA with 8 G.R.A.S. preamplifiers at 120 V
height: 132.6 mm
width: 215 mm
depth: 196 mm
2.5 kg
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