CCP Supply - Type 12AL

he Type 12AL
is a low-noise CCP* Supply for powering microphone preamplifiers requiring a constant-current power supply, e.g. G.R.A.S. Preamplifiers Type 26CB (¼") and Type 26CA (½"). It can also power the G.R.A.S. Probe Microphone Type 40SC as well as all G.R.A.S. Array Microphones.

The Type 12AL covers the frequency range from 1Hz to 200kHz and has a switchable A-weighting network and overload indicator. It is powered either by two internal batteries (LR6-AA) or by an external 3 – 6 V DC supply.
Specifications Type 12AL
Input channel:
BNC socket
Output channel:
BNC socket
Transducer supply current:
4 mA sourced from 28 V
Frequency response:
1 Hz - 200 kHz
A-weighting network:
IEC 60651 Type 0
Power supply:
2 × AA alkaline batteries
or 3 - 6 V DC
110 g
160 g (with batteries)
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