Type 40AG

Type 40AG
The Type 40AG is a high precision microphone for laboratory work. It covers a frequency range from 3.15 Hz to 20 kHz. Its small size and lower sensitivity make it extremely robust and stable.
This microphone is capable of measuring sound pressure levels up to 160 dB re. 20µPa.
Specifications Type 40AG (WS2P)
Specifications Type 40AG (WS2P)
12.5 mV/Pa
Dynamic range:
27 - 160 dB re. 20µPa
Frequency range:
3.15 Hz - 20 kHz
Polarisation voltage:
200 V
Outside diameter (with protection grid):
13.2 mm
Length: (with and
12.5 mm
without protection grid):
11.6 mm
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