Type 40BP

Type 40BP
The Type 40BP is a ¼" microphone for high level and high frequency measurements. Its low sensitivity makes it ideal for measuring very high sound pressure levels; up to 174 dB re. 20µPa. Its small size reduces disturbances in the sound field; resulting in a frequency range reaching up to 70 kHz.
Can be used with ¼" Preamplifier Types 26AC and 26TC.
The following applies only to ¼" microphones:
For most applications, rear venting is more advantageous particularly where phase response is critical. However, if front venting is preferred, please add "front venting" to the Type number of the microphone when ordering.
Specifications Type 41AL
Specifications Type 40BD (WS3P)
1.6 mV/Pa
Dynamic range:
40 dBA  - 174 dB re. 20µPa
Frequency range:
4 Hz - 70 kHz
Polarisation voltage:
0 V
Outside diameter (with protection grid):
7 mm
Length: (with and
10.5 mm
without protection grid):
10.1 mm
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