TorqueTrak TPM2

TorqueTrak 토크 및 전력 감시 시스템 (TPM2 시리즈) 실시간 회전 샤프트에 토크 및 전력을 측정하기위한 견고한 정밀 기기입니다.                               
 - 투 - 포인트 직렬 인터페이스 교신 TPM2는 점을 RS422 전이중을 사용합니다.                                
TPM2은 사용자 정의 직경 40 인치 (1,016mm)까지 축계에 맞게 설계되었으며, 기계 분해가 필요하지 않습니다.                                

TorqueTrak TPM2 특징                           
Easy Installation - Rotating Collar and Stationary Ring are split and bolt together around the shaft. No Machine assembly or Shaft modification is required.                           
Robust Construction - Sturdy hardware and electronics, built for demanding environments.                           
Reliable Operation - Inductive power and data transfer with generous clearance between stationary and rotating parts. No wear surfaces.                           
System Status Indicators - Confirm proper operation at a glance.  Expedites troubleshooting.                           
Easy-on Collar - Rotating Collar is designed to accomodate small variations in shaft diameter and clamps to the shaft using standard tools.                           
Communications Made Easy - High-speed bi-directional communications link interfaces with PC or PLC.  User-selectable sample rate up to 4800 samples/second.                           
Product Support - Backed by BEI's proven outstanding customer service, before and after the sale.                           
TorqueTrak TPM2 Specifications                           
Software for setup and configuration                           
Digital RS422 output                           
Splash resistant control box                           
Selectable input ranges                           
High RPM / centrifugal g-force rating                           
Power Supply Input:    10 to 30 VDC @ 10 W (nom), 15 W (max)                       
Torque Sensor Input:    Strain gage bridge, 350 Ω (std), 120 Ω (min)                       
Input Range:    user-selectable from 0.025 to 32 mV/V (125 to 32,000 μstrain with gage factor = 2.0)                       
Shunt Calibration:    2 user-selectable: 1 mV/V and 0.2 mV/V (350 Ω bridge)                       
Torque Signal Resolution:    15 bit (32,768 points)                       
Torque Signal Accuracy:    Zero error: ±0.1% FS (max), Scale error: ±0.2% (max)                       
Torque Signal Bandwidth:    10 user-selectable settings from 3 to 1000 Hz                       
Shaft Speed and Direction:    Measured once per revolution                       
Resolution:    15 bit (32,768 points), auto-ranging                       
Communication Interface:    RS(EIA)-422 full duplex, up to 1000 ft (300 m) cable run IP-67 industrial connector with 10 ft (3 m) cable included RS-422 to USB converter available                       
Baud Rate:    Auto-detectable from 1200 to 460,800 bps                       
Sample Rate:    10 user-selectable settings from 9.375 to 4800 samples/sec                       
Operating Environment:    -40 to +70° C non-condensing                       

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