Laser Vibro Meter

Vibration Measurements
Julight supplies two series of products for the measurement of the vibration of a remote object without contact to its surface. Non-contact vibration measurements are crucial whenever the solid object under test cannot be accessed directly and/or conventional contact sensors (accelerometers) are not recommended, as in the following cases:
- the structure to be tested is lightweight (piezo-transducer, loudspeaker membrane)
- the object under test is at high temperature
- the object under test is rotating
- the operator wants to avoid the time-consuming and critical procedure of gluing the accelerometer to the object under test

Julight laser vibration solutions feature a reduced size of the optical head, high sensitivity and ease of use. And, they have been tested in several field trials in industrial plants

Thanks to its versatility, the Self Mixing Laser Vibrometer is easily configurable according to specific measurements needs. Both industrial and research challenges can be rised, such as:

  • vibration measurements without mass-loading on small and delicate structures (loudspeakers, piezoactuators, MEMS prototypes...)
  • Eccentricity evaluation of rotating tools (hard disks, spindles, wheels, turbines...)
  • Automotive and Aerospace testing (modal analysis, brakes system monitoring, noise...)
  • On–line process control (planarity, rougthness, defects...)
  • Motion control (alignment, distance, speed, acceleration... )
  • Machinery Condition Monitoring (safety, predictive maintainance...)
  • End-of-line testing (quality control...)
  • Non-destructive tests (material analysis, structural integrity of buildings...)
  • Musical instruments analysis (tuning, sound wave distorsion...)
  • Human body Physiological Condition Monitoring (electrodeless medical/cardiovascular screening...)
  • Artworks and cultural heritages conservation
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