20-channel 672u Dynamic Signal Analyzer은 기계 상태 모니터링, 모달 분석, 회전체 분석을 포함한 large channel count applications에 적합합니다. USB기반은 모듈은 실시간 진동 분석을 위한 eZ-Series software와 호환됩니다. 각각의 아날로그 입력은 뛰어난 해상도와 정확도를 위한 전용 24-bit delta sigma가 특징입니다.
  • USB interface
  • 20 analog inputs, ±40V input range (±60V max without damage)
  • 4 mA IEPE current source per channel (22V compliance)
  • 0.1 Hz high-pass filter
  • Dedicated 24-bit, 105.4 kS/s delta sigma ADC per analog input
  • Spurious-free dynamic range of 108 dB (typical)
  • AC/DC coupling, software selectable per channel
  • TEDS support for accelerometers
  • Pseudo-differential input
  • Total harmonic distortion of -100 dB (typical)
  • Channel-to-channel phase matching of <0.12 degrees at 1 kHz
  • 8-bit digital I/O port
  • Support for DASYLab®
  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000®, Windows Vista® x86 (32-bit), and Windows XP
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