Technical Data
Accuracy Class 1 or Class 2 according to IEC 60651 / 60804 / 61672
Official calibratability PTB Type-Approval 21.21 / 12.04
Measurement values Sound pressure level LAF, LAS
  Maximum sound level LAFmax, LASmax
  Equivalent sound pressure level LAeq
  Peak value LCpeak
  Sound dose LAE
  Taktmaximal level LAtm5
  3x peak-value exceedance times LCpeak_exceedance
  Time of day / Measurement time / Exceedance time
  Optional: 3x Percentiles LAFnn
Frequency weightings A + Cpeak
Time weightings Fast, Slow
Measurement range 30 ... 140 dB (LAeq)
  60 ... 143 dB (LCpeak)
Resolution 0.1 dB
Display Illuminated LCD:
  Measured value with 3.5 digits
  Bar graph in 5 dB steps
  < under-range, > over-range
  Measurement time (hh:mm:ss)
  Battery status
  Memory status
Microphone 1/2" electret measurement microphone
Calibration Automatic to 94 dB (104/114 dB selectable)
Storage cycles Individually selectable for all measurement values from 62.5 ms ... 60 min
Storage capacity Up to 194 days, depending on storage cycles
Interface USB
Batteries 2 x AA (1.2 ... 1.5 V); all battery types may be used
Operating time per set of batteries > 120 h
Storage time for batteries 10 years (lithium batteries)
Dimensions 190mm x 70mm x 32mm
Weight 250 g (including batteries)
Scope of delivery Sound level meter, windscreen, manual, 1.5m USB interface cable, USB mains power supply, Tango Utilities software
Option 1 Statistical level values + expansion to 8 MB
Option 2 1/2" calibrator (Cal200)
Option 3 Tripod with carrying case
Option 4 Tango Outdoor Kit
Option 5 AUDITOR_light software package
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