Long-Term Noise and Vibration Measurements
The NoiseLOG automatic measuring station monitors noise and vibration at one or more measuring positions in long-term operation. Depending on the requirements, up to 8 microphone types and accelerometers from our product range can be directly connected to the NoiseLOG station. All relevant acoustic data, such as level history, 1/3 octave spectra and audio signals, are recorded in long-term measurements. Already during the measurement, the stored data can be retrieved for evaluation. Via network connection, ISDN, modem or GPRS NoiseLOG may be integrated into various networks. Several microphone types allow for an automatic cyclic sensitivity monitoring according to the principle of electrostatic actuator calibration. This feature is often desired by plant operators for system reliability reasons. Our 1- and 2-channel stations work with a dynamic range of 120 dB in extended range, making an automatic level switching unnecessary
Various meteorological sensors complete the measuring system. Floating contacts are available for the connection of external alarm outputs. Additional data, such as the speed of vehicles, transponder signatures etc., can be simultaneously recorded via additional interfaces. As a special option, we offer a camera for video recording synchronized with the measurement values. The NoiseLOG station is suitable for the long-term monitoring of aircraft noise, industrial noise, traffic noise on roads and railways as well as recreational noise from sports or music events. The fully automatic station is operated directly with a notebook (for maintenance or service purposes) or remotely via network connection. All measured values can be directly stored on an interchangeable mobile hard disk. Our NoiseLOG stations may be equipped with various software packages according to the particular requirements of a measurement task. Integrated flexible trigger mechanisms guarantee for the acquisition and storage of all relevant data. The calculation performance of the signal processors ensures the real-time processing of the measurement data. The data storage on hard disk, the communication via network and the statistical evaluation operations are reliably performed by a powerful PC. The station works with the WindowsXP operating system and can be operated remotely from another PC
Due to its integrated uninterrupted power supply (UPS) and insulated air-conditioned control cabinet the system achieves a high level of availability. Alternatively, we also offer the system as the portable NoiseLOG_mobil device in a robust ABS suitcase having IP65 protection classification. The internal rechargeable battery of NoiseLOG_mobil has an operation time of 15 hours. For the erection of mobile microphones we offer various expandable microphone stands conforming to MIL specifications which are easy to transport and may be quickly and easily erected by one person. We also offer the NoiseLOG_mobil station ready for operation in various car trailers. Optional hardware accessories, such as a pneumatically expandable microphone stand, a weather station and WLAN antennas, are already mounted. The trailers are equipped with 24 V on-board power supply, DC/AC-converter and rechargeable batteries as well as a charger for one week of autonomous operation.
Technical Data
Accuracy Class 1 according to IEC 60651/60804 and IEC 61672
Number of channels 1...8 for measurement microphones and ICP accelerometers
  • Measurement of level Lp (A, C, Z)
  • Measurement of peak levels (A, C, Z)
  • Equivalent continuous sound level Leq (A, C, Z)
  • Third-octave and FFT analyses
  • Recording of audio signals
  • Audible monitoring in LAN/ISDN via Windows audio streaming
  • Automatic alarm by relay, SMS or e-mail
  • Data storage on mobile USB hard disk
Measurement range 30 to 140 dB, automatic
Microphone e.g. 41AN, WME952
Calibration automatic to 94 dB
  NoiseLOG NoiseLOG_mobil NoiseLOG_mobil in car trailer
PC Industrial PC: intel P4 mobile,
200 GB HD, 512 MB RAM
Soundbook™ Soundbook™
Measuring system HARMONIE-PCI
Operating system Windows XP Windows XP Windows XP
Interfaces LAN, ISDN, GPRS WLAN, LAN, GPRS, Bluetooth WLAN, LAN, GPRS, Bluetooth
UPS 8 h 16 h min. 100 h (on-board 230 VAC, 24 VDC)
Dimensions 600mm x 400mm x 220mm 500mm x 400mm x 220mm Customized to customer requirements
(2 internal work stations possible)
Weight 20 kg 6 kg
Protection rating IP 54 IP 65 IP 54
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