Internal Master-Slave synchronization:
  • Synchronization of Apollo PCIe cards inside the PC housing by connecting the cards with flat cable
  • Low phase error between channels in the whole system for high precision multi-channel measurements
  • Sync with external GPS is planned
  • Synchronization of many Typhoon units is possible (running DLR-project for 300 channels @ 200 kHz)
As additional part of the Apollo family we offer
now the PCIe cards in following versions:
  • 4 channles with full LEMO7 support
  • 4 channels with ICP only and BNC connectors
  • 8 channels with IPC only and SMB connectors
  • 8 channels with DSUB-25 connector
  • aditional versions are possible on demand
The PCIe cards are fully compatible with the Apollo_box and the Soundbook_MK2 / Expander, except:
  • Slow channels & AUX channels at rear side (extension card)
  • SCascading via SYNC bus (up to 12 cards)
  • S12 VDC power supply only
  • SApplications: - Typhoon many channel acquisition systems based on 19“ industrial PC (up to 96 channels)
    - Substitution of all HARMONIE-PCI units in the
    next year (new versions of SWING / Hurricane).
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