Soundbook™, our universal portable measuring system for acoustic, vibration and engineering measurements in general, is now available in its 2nd generation on the basis of the innovative Apollo™ platform. The powerful 24-bit A/D converters in combination with the innovative Apollo filter processors provide many channels with high precision and bandwidth. Naturally, Soundbook_MK2 also uses the robust Panasonic Toughbook CF-19 as its basis. The Soundbook allows you to work practically everywhere - in the office as well as outdoors. Neither heat, cold, rain, dust nor heavy mechanical shocks have an impact on the device. Having a weight of only 3 kilograms, a robust magnesium alloy exterior, a convertible bright TFT display, a moderate power consumption and many interfaces, the Soundbook unites the performance of a high-quality measuring device with the possibilities of a PC. According to your demands you may choose from variants with 2, 4 or 8 measuring channels and with LEMO7 or BNC input connectors. The Soundbook is particularly suitable for:
  • Industrial safety and environmental protection
  • Engineering services
  • Quality assurance
  • Research and development
Overview of Soundbook_MK2 Versions
Version Order No. Main Inputs
Soundbook_MK2_2L 908000.3 2x LEMO7
Soundbook_MK2_4L 908001.1 4x LEMO7
Soundbook_MK2_8L 908002.8 8x LEMO7
Soundbook_MK2_4B 908005.2 4x BNC
Soundbook_MK2_8B 908006.0 8x BNC
  • Sound level measurement
  • Frequency analysis
  • Signal recording
  • Human vibration measurement
  • Pass-by noise measurement
  • Building acoustics
  • Machine vibration measurement
  • Modal analysis
  • Order tracking analysis
  • Operational vibration analysis
Alternatively we offer the Apollo_box with 4 input channels for operation with a Windows PC and USB 2.0 interface, or as a channel expansion for the Soundbook_MK2.
Where not otherwise stated, the following technical data refer to the 8-channel versions Soundbook_MK2_8L (LEMO7) and Soundbook_MK2_8B (BNC).
Basis device: Panasonic Toughbook CF-19 (see also the Toughbook website for further details)
Construction Magnesium case with IP54 protection rating
Processor IntelTM Core i5 2.6 GHz
Display High brightness TFT 10.4" 1024 x 768 touchscreen, ambient light sensor (up to 500 cd/m² transmittive and 6.500 cd/m² reflective brightness, depending on lighting conditions)
Storage medium HDD 500 GByte with heating / shock protection, SSD optional
Interfaces 1x USB 2.0, 1x USB 3.0, LAN, WLAN, Modem RJ-11, PC-Card Type II, VGA, Bluetooth, SD-Card, Firewire, ExpressCard 34/54, SD/SDXC
Operating system Windows 7 multilingual
Soundbook_MK2 Technical Data
Input channels 1-2/4/8
Resolution 24 bit
Real-time bandwidth DC...40 kHz @ 8 channels (80 kHz optional)
Dynamic range 120 dB
Random noise < 1 μV(A), < 2μV(Z) @ 0.1 Hz ... 40 kHz
Sample rates 51.2 kHz / 102.4 kHz (204.8 kHz optional)
Decimation down to 200 Hz sample rate, selectable per channel
Anti-aliasing filter yes
Max. input voltage ± 10 Vpeak
Amplification 0 dB, 20 dB
Overload detection yes
Phase mismatch < 0.1° @ 20 Hz ... 20 kHz
Offset adjust yes, automatically with self-calibration
Input coupling DC, AC 0.15 Hz, HP 1 Hz, HP 10 Hz, LP 2 kHz
Microphone power supply ± 14 V, + 20 / 63 / 200 V switchable (with BNC versions on AUX)
ICP power supply 2 / 4 mA switchable
Cable error detection yes, with ICP sensors
Support of IEEE1451.4 yes
Digital output 2x TTL
Microphone power supply ± 14 V, + 20 / 63 / 200 V switchable
Resolution 24 bit
Real-time bandwidth DC ... 200 Hz @ 8 channels
Input voltage range -25 V ... +25 V
Resolution 24 bit
Real-time Bandwidth DC ... 20 / 40 / 80 kHz
Max. output voltage ± 3.16 Vpeak
Trigger 2x Trigger / Tacho, trigger level settable via software
Synchronization Sample-synchronous synchronization on external clock (e.g. GPS 1 Hz)
Dimensions 280mm x 220mm x 65mm
Weight 3100 g
Battery Lithium ion battery pack, capacity 4 h measurement
External power supply 100 ... 240 VAC or 10 ... 36 VDC with adapters
Protection rating IP 54
Shock resistance according to MIL-STD 810F
Humidity 30 % ... 90 %
Temperature range -10 °C ... +50 °C
Storage conditions -20 °C ... +60 °C, max. 95 % humidity
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