MCE Product Information
5 kV Electric Motor Analyzer
휴대 가능하고 광범위한 MCE는 시장에서 가장 포괄적인 정적 모터 시험 기기입니다. 일련의 강력하고 비파괴시험을 통해, MCE는 모터와 관련 회로들을 철저히 분석하여 높은 저항 연결들, 절연 악화, 고정자 결함, 회전자 결함, 그리고 공극 편심을 조기에 감지하여 제공합니다. MCE는 플랜트의 운전 정지와 품질 보증 시기에 장비의 정적인 특징을 확인하는데 이상적입니다.
Portable and battery powered
-Monitors Power Circuit, Insulation, Stator, Rotor, and Air Gap
-Variable test voltage from 250 to 5000 V
-Automatic IR, PI, DAR, and Step Voltage Tests
-Measures insulation resistance to 3 TΩ
-Precision resistance from 10µΩ to 2000Ω using 4-wire bridge test measurement
-Measures capacitance (pF) and inductance(mH)
The Standard Test is the most comprehensive of all the MCE analyses. It is a routebased process that provides an overall view of motor and circuit health in less than 4 minutes. Parameters are trended over time for condition based evaluations of the fivefault zones. Insulation degradation is determined through the use of temperature corrected resistance to ground measurements and capacitance to ground readings. Phase to phase resistance and inductance parameters are collected at highly accurate levels and calculated into imbalances. High resistive imbalances are indicative of stator faults or connection problems within the power circuit. Average inductance and inductive imbalances can indicate rotor anomalies, turn faults, air gap eccentricity and defective capacitors.
This accessory is the latest addition to the MCE. When utilized with the MCE, the AIS enhances the insulation testing capability by increasing available potential to 5000VDC, expanding the recording range to 30 Teraohms, and incorporating a Step Voltage Test. The Step Voltage Test records leakage current over a 6 minute period (user selectable times are also available) while steadily increasing voltage.
POLARIZATION INDEX (PI) & DIELECTRIC ABSORPTION RATIOS (DAR) The PI and DAR tests are utilized to evaluate insulation condition of the motor and associated circuits. Longer in duration than a standard resistance to ground check, they allow the dissipation of charging current to provide more accurate condition assessment. These tests record and display resistance to ground measurements every 5 seconds to provide the user with a unique and valuable profile of insulation condition. This technique accurately illustrates insulation breakdown in degraded, aged or contaminated systems. The PI ratios the RTG reading at 10 minutes to that at 1 minute. The DAR is 1 minute in duration and ratios the reading at 60 seconds to that at 30 seconds.
ROTOR INFLUENCE CHECK (RIC) The RIC is a highly sensitive diagnostic test that confirms the presence of stator faults, broken or cracked rotor bars, cast aluminum porosity, and air gap eccentricity. Phase to phase inductance readings are graphed during an incremental rotation of the rotor. The resulting pattern is an illustration of the rotor field's influence on stator winding inductance. Healthy motors produce a graph that resembles a traditional three-phase sine wave. Distorted RIC patterns can be related to rotor, stator and air gap defects.
Data Includes:
-Phase-to-phase Resistance
-Phase-to-phase Inductance
-Balance of Resistance
-Balance of Inductance
-Ground Capacitance
-Polarization Index
-Dielectric Absorption Ratio
-Measured Ground Resistance
-Corrected Ground Resistance
-Rotor Influence Check
-Field Inductance
-Field Resistance
-Field Capacitance
-Field Ground Resistance
-Synchronous Motor Tests
-Wound Rotor Motor Tests
Environment Specification
   18.5x14.5x6 in. (46.99x36.83x15 cm)
   19 – 23 lbs (8.62 – 10.43 kg)
Test Lead set:
   10 ft. (3.05 m.)
Voltage input range:
   AC 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz (Computer)
Environmental Operating temperature:
   41℉ to 95℉ (5℃ to 35℃)
Storage temperature:
   -4℉to 104℉ (-20℃ to 40℃)
   20% - 80% non-condensing
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