MCEGold® utilizes the latest technology to improve the communication between plant maintenance and corporate management. This innovative software enables management to access and view test data and reports in their own system. MCEGold® offers user-friendly options that allow managers to create “watchlists” and view all motors and their conditions instantly. Reporting is easier than ever with the automatic creation of easy-to-understand reports and the message center allows for straightforward communication between technicians and management. The status of critical motors/assets can be updated while communicating information in its entirety. MCEGold® enables communication with multiple databases using MSDE and SQL servers. The software can also convert data to XML format, a platform-independent technology, and can export and integrate 3rd party applications or create PDF documents. MCEGold® streamlines communication within an organization, whether from plant to plant or person to person.

• Multi-window Multi-tasking
• Search and Advanced Search Functions
• Motor/Asset Templates
• Increased Fmax for Demodulation out to 120hz
• User Preferences
• Time Zone Recognition
• Integration with Third-Party Applications, like Microsoft¢ç Excel¢ç
• MCE/EMAX Auto Data Capture
• DC Online
From the watchlist, assets can be ordered via criticality or number. any number of watchlists may be created(i.e. route based watchlist / process or system based watchlists / critical assets.) In addition, multiple motors can be field in multiple watchlists.
Message Center
In Message center, you can enter, view, edit, and delete notes for one asset or a list of assets. Notes are automatically generated when a condition is assigned or changed or when the warning levels are changed.
Site Condition
Site Condition provides quick access to all motors/assets listed in severe condition as well as access to when motors have been last tested.
Detailed Reports
The reports module can design one or two page reports pulling data from multiple motor/assets. All reports can be saved as PDF, HTML or printed.
Relationship Files

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