Reach-In Environmental Chambers

CE Certification on all Elite Models

Russells사의 G-Series Elite portable temperature and temperature and humidity test chambers는 사용자들에게 연구 실험을 원활하게 운영하도록 온도와 습도를 유지하는데 필요한 기능과 부품들을 제공합니다. 이러한 모바일 시스템은 사용자들이 처음부터 필요한 모든 기능을 갖추고 있습니다. 이러한 기능에 대한 별도의 비용을 부과하지 않습니다. 이 기능은 마이크로프로세서 장치, 이중 안전 온도 보호, 탈이온 장치 뿐만 아니라 창문, 측정기, 포트, 캐스터 시스템 상태 표시기 등을 포함합니다. 만약 사용자들이 이 제품을 사용하지 않았다면 이런 우수한 기능을 사용하기 위해선 상당한 비용을 지불해야 할 것입니다. 저희 제품은 이러한 이점들을 가지고 설계된 제품을 눈으로 확인 할 때 더 매력적일 것 입니다.
  • More heating, cooling and air flow capacity than competitive models bring you to temperature quickly and with better uniformity
  • Responsive expansion valve and bypass refrigerant control put all of the refrigeration horsepower to work for you
  • Maintenance is simplified with full three sided access to base mounted system components
  • All models available with cyrogenic cooling

Note: The number used for each Elite Chamber model is the chamber volume in cubic feet.

The G-8 Elite - The G-16 Elite - The G-32-Elite - The G-64 Elite
A Russells application engineer can assist you in selecting the temperature/humidity test chamber configuration, options, and size that's best for you, custom designed to your exact specifications.
Additionally, Russells has achieved UL 508A certification for industrial control panels on all of its pre-engineered Elite G-Series humidity/temperature and temperature chambers. This also includes all Elite G-Series PCU units. This certification was issued on 2/19/07 on report #3110004CLE-002 from Intertek Testing Services Inc.

Standard Climate Chamber Features:

  • Continuous TIG welded 304 stainless chamber liner for leak free service.
  • Non-settling oven grade fiberglass insulation, 0.25 K factor.
  • Chamber drain, all models not just humidity.
  • Welded structural base frame with removable service panel on three sides.
  • Dual silicone one piece door gaskets with mitered and vulcanized corners.
  • Multipane tempered viewing window (with wiper on GD models).
  • Durable blue powder coated exterior finish.
  • One three inch (3 ") access port.
  • Heavy duty casters.

  • Electrical

  • UL 508A compliant control panel
  • All wiring meets NEC standards
  • System branch circuits individually fused.
  • 115 volt control circuitry.
  • Full system function switches and indicator lights.
  • System fault status indicators.
  • All wiring color coded and labeled.
  • High temperature failsafe limit.

  • Zero ozone depletion refrigerants.
  • Cryogenic models available
  • Copper tube/aluminum fin cooling coil.
  • Air/Water cooled condensers available.
  • Air cooled desuperheater (cascade models) and oil separator.
  • High efficiency brazed plate cascade heat exchanger.
  • Non-bucking automatic heat/cool mode selection with compressor time-out.
  • Dual high/low refrigeration pressure limit switches.
  • Inherent compressor overload protection.
  • Refrigeration service manifolds with gauges.

  • Humidity

  • Quick response vapor generator with replaceable inconel sheath immersion heater.
  • Vapor generator failsafe overtemp protection.
  • Humidity water demineralizer.

  • Controls

  • Watlow microprocessor programming controller.
  • Self prompting operation with 256 programable segments.
  • Watlow failsafe product safeguard test item temperature limit.
  • RS-232 Interface.
Optional Accessories:

  • Additional access ports.
  • Shelves.
  • 208 or 460 volts power input.
  • Main power disconnect switch.
  • Running time meter.
  • Boost cooling system, LN2 or CO2
  • Humidity water reservoir.
  • Dry air or nitrogen purge.
  • R.H. hinged door.
  • Master heating circuit contactor.
  • Auto restart timer.
  • Balanced load on 3 phase power.

  • RS-422/423 data interface with communications software.
  • Programmer on/off event relays.
  • Chart recorders.
  • Watview software.
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