• Classical Pulse Types: Half-sine, haversine, initial and terminal peak sawtooth, triangle, rectangle, and trapezoid.
  • Pulse Duration: From 1 mS to 60 seconds.
  • Sample Rate: 100 Hz to 108,000 Hz. (High Frequency option required above 4,990 Hz.
  • Frame Size: 128 to 20,000 points or automatically optimized.
  • Loop Transfer Function: Automatic calculation during pre-test or, for no pre-test startup, recall a drive from disk.
  • Pulse Compensation: pre-pulse and post-pulse compensation is performed. Double sided for minimum displacement and full use of shaker stroke. Choice of smoothed or rectangular compensation pulses. Pre-pulse and post-pulse amplitudes settings are a percentage of the demand peak acceleration.
  • Engineering Units: English, SI, Metric, mixed, user-defined.
  • Filtering: User specifies desired frequency for low pass filtering applied to the demand waveform, output drive signal, and input channels.
  • Delay Between Pulses: User set from 0 to 1,000 seconds.
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