• Frequency Range: DC to 32,000 Hz, user selectable. Up to 4,990 Hz standard; High frequency option extends to 32,000 Hz (requires export license)
  • Spectrum Lines: 50 – 26,000 lines.
  • Measurement Strategies: Input channels can run individually, or combined by minimum, maximum, or average.
  • Control Dynamic Range: 100 dB typical, 90 dB closed loop.
  • Breakpoints: Up to 13,000 f requency /ampl i tude breakpoints with slope (dB/octave) automatic calculations.
  • Profile View: The desired profile is graphed and updated as you build it. The test maximum peak acceleration, peak velocity, and peak to peak displacement values are displayed. Values are highlighted in red if they exceed the shaker parameter values selected.
  • Drive Clipping: Clipping at any level 1 sigma or greater.
  • Manual Control: Limits both the drive output and the control signal on startup to a user controlled level. Normal test operation will commence only after the limited startup is verified by the user.
  • Test Documentation: Extensive reporting capabilities.
  • Level Types: Scale entered profile by % level, by dB level, or to an RMS acceleration level. Wait for operator intervention, Wait for a timed interval, Level loop (with nested looping up to 10 levels), Auto reporting and more.
  • Number of Levels: 200 levels
  • Degrees of Freedom: 2 – 1,000 degrees of freedom.
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