• Frequency Range: DC to 32,000 Hz. Up to 4,990 Hz standard; High Frequency option extends to 32,000 Hz. Sample frequency 10,000 to 108 ,000 Hz.
  • Sweep Rate: Linear from zero to 6,000 Hz/min or logarithmic from zero to 100 octaves/min.
  • Control Methods: Single channel, average, extremal or manual.
  • Control Dynamic Range: ≥130 dB
  • Level Types: Sweep from frequency A to frequency B, sweep back-and-forth through profile, constant frequency, wait for operator intervention, wait for timed interval, resonance table generation & dwell frequency selection (optional), level looping (with nesting up to 10 levels), phase tracking to hold resonance frequency.
  • Breakpoints: Up to 1,000 amplitudes of A, V, or D, constant or slope changes at defined frequencies.
  • Drive Frequency Resolution: As fine as 0.000001 Hz.
  • Loop Time: 5 msec typical
  • Manual Control: Limits both the drive output and the control signal on startup to a user controlled level. Normal test operation will commence only after the limited startup is verified by the user.
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