• Maintenance of core components a shaker, such as armature, field coils, guided mechanism, etc..
  • Provied overall unit replacement for the counterpart of the original system, such as shaker, power amplifier, cooling unit and so on.
  • Supply of reliable spare parts for replacement.
  • Shaker test system upgrades, such as upgrade power amplifier to meet today’s new standards including replacing old linear and/or tube style amplifiers with compact and efficient air cooled amplifiers, slip table replacement, replacing antiquated control systems with new, state-of-the art, PC based controllers, and software upgrades.
타사 진동시험기 수리 및 Upgrade
  • Armature Rewinding and Replacement of LDS,UD, THERMOTRON & LING
  • Service and Maintenance for ALL Shaker
  • Relpacement Amplifier For LDS, LING etc
  • Installation Stand Alone Slip Table
  • 10 more training course in 1 year
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