Head Expander System&Special Fixture

Typical applications
Supply many types of standardized head expanders, and support customization of head expander to meet customer’s demand for extended performance of shaker performance. In an actual vibration test, a test piece or fixture is often larger than the armature table of the electro-dynamic shaker, and then you need to extend the original table. Common approach is to install an auxiliary table. In the operating frequencies, the table’s weight, acceleration, amplitude uniformity and lateral movement, etc. have stringent requirements to the head expander. HE series of head expanders have all gone through a Finite Element Modal Analysis. Also structure, materials, and production processes are paid good attention to ensure product quality.
  • All DongLing head expanders have gone through a Finite Element Modal Analysis to optimize their structure.
  • High-quality production processes ensure a stable performance and good technical parameters.
  • Standard series of head expanders to choose from, shape (round or square), material (aluminum or magnesium) can be chosen.
  • The company has production capacity of super large head expanders.
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