Slip Table System

Typical applications
Vibration tests in three orthogonal directions can be achieved with the connection of a slip table with an electro-dynamic shaker. A slip table uses a smaller carrier (table) to improve the quality of the overall load capacity, capable of supporting big size and large mass of the payload. A slip table can be categorized into combo and standalone types according to the way of connection. A vibration system with a slip table can complete vibration tests for a component or a whole machine in X, Y and Z directions. It can also form an integrated environmental testing system with the use of temperature, humidity test chamber. We are capable of manufacturing super large slip tables, such as the 3.5m by 3.5m etc..
Combo Slip Table Combo slip table refers to integral design of a horizontal slip table and a shaker. They share a same pedestal.
It has a good rigidity,and is easy to install and adjust. Combo slip table was awarded a national patent. Its installation does not need a special foundation base unless the shaker was required to start testing from 1 Hz.
Standalone Slip Table
Standalone type design is used widely for testing large-size and dynamically complex test samples. Its transportation, lift and loading are easy and its use is more flexible. Besides, the standalone slip tables are welcome by these customers who have a shaker without a slip table.
GT Series―V-Groove Bearing
A horizontal slip table with V-Groove Bearing Guiding consists of a Slip Plate (magnesium or aluminum), Drive Bar (or Bull- Nose), Granite Slab, a built-in Low Pressure Oil Source and Pedestal (or Slip Table Base). Built-in oil pump with compact structure is easy to operate. The number of V-Groove bearings is different depending on the size of the slip table.
BT Series - Journal Hydrostatic Bearing
A slip table with Journal hydrostatic bearings consists of a Slip Plate (magnesium or aluminum), Drive Bar (or Bull-Nose), Granite Slab, a Stand-Alone High-Pressure Oil Source and Pedestal (or Slip Table Base). Journal hydrostatic bearings can provide higher resistance to overturning moment, suitable for testing a large sample load. The more the number of hydrostatic bearings, the greater the resistance to overturning moment.
TBT Series―Medium Pressure Hydrostatic Bearing
The use of medium pressure hydrostatic bearings can significantly improve the craftsmanship of a slip table, effectively increasing the system overall stiffness of a slip table, and improving the ability to load and the resistance to overturning. Medium pressure hydrostatic bearing is the revolutionary technology, and is mostly recommended for huge size slip tables, such as above 2m by 2m. The main advantages of medium pressure hydrostatic bearing are large carrying capacity, strong resistance to overturning (pitch, roll and yaw), large overall stiffness, the use of medium pressure oil source.
Easy to operate
Unique trunnion makes horizontal and vertical switching easier and more convenient. For medium and larger thrust shaker, worm wheel mechanism makes switching more effortless.

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