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Environmental Chamber Controllers
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Russells integrates three types of state-of-the-art environmental control systems to monitor, record, and report data from our test chambers.

Some Of Our Customers Say Our New VS1 Control System Is Perfect...

프로그램과 사용의 용이성으로 자사의 test chamber control system은 고객님들의 많은 사랑을 받고 있습니다. VS1은 친숙하고 직관적인 기능을 윈도우를 기반으로 운영하고 있습니다. 이 강력한 제어 시스템은 상용 하드웨어를 사용하고 시간만의 문제에서 다른 chamber로의 개조가 가능합니다. 더 이상 타사의 다른 제어 시스템을 사용하지 않아도 될 것 입니다. 사용자들은 VS1 시스템을 사용하여 전체적인 실험들을 표준화 할 수 있을 것 입니다. 유지보수 기술자 또한 이 제품의 광범위한 유지보수 로그 및 경보 시스템 덕분에 VS1 제어 시스템을 선호합니다. 품질관리자들도 항상 유연한 동향 자료를 손쉽게 관리할 수 있고 다른 컴퓨터 프로그램으로 출력할 수 있어서 이 제품을 선호합니다. VS1의 네트워크 버전을 사용하면 사용자들은 옆방, 옆건물, 또는 VS1 environmental chamber 제어 시스템을 만지지 못하는 곳에서도 자료를 열람 및 프로그래밍 할 수 있습니다.

  • Profiles are created using simple pull-down menus or icons
  • Simple Windows cut/copy/paste functions
  • Profiles can be saved as 32-character names
  • Online editing of profiles
  • Multiple profiles can be edited and created on the fly
  • Offline programming software is also included so programs that are created can be shared via floppy disks, CD-ROM's, or network devices
  • Unlimited profile steps
  • List view of all steps
  • Each step can be programmed for guaranteed soak
  • 4 channels of control and deviation alarms
  • Running profiles are highlighted in yellow and display all segment information

  • Automatic 30 day trending of up to 64 variables
  • Charts can be automatically selected and viewed by trend lengths from 1 hour to 30 days, or the trend window can be manually entered
  • Multiple charts can be displayed at the same time
  • Pen selection can be changed by color and line attributes. Pens can also be turned on and off
  • Built–in zoom feature
  • Charts can be exported in CSV format for import into Excel
  • Chartscan be saved with up to 32-character names
  • Saved charts can be played
  • High speed data acquisition charting for rapid decompression applications -NEW!

  • 64 user-and system-programmable alarms
  • Alarms can be assigned to any of the 64 analog and/or 128 digital points built into the system
  • Analog alarms can be configured to display an alarm or fault condition with or without system shutdown

  • Alarm view displays the current state of all analog and digital values at trip along with date and time stamp
  • All system inputs (analog and digital) can be added to the maintenance system for preventive care
  • 32–character description

  • Built–in calibration and curve–fit routines
  • Up to sixteen levels of passwords for different security levels can be programmed
  • System automatically tracks system entries
Programming per profile:

Steps 2,000
Loops 2,000
Loop interactions/per step 999
Nested loops 999
Step time 1 sec to 9,999 hrs
Online programming yes
Online program development yes
Remote programming yes

Advanced Functions:

 *Remote Programming Modem and/or network, built in calibration routines
*Alarm Paging Automatic call out user–definable

Alarms 32 user–definable including system functions
Alarm History Unlimited

Virtual Electrical:

Predefined Compressor functions Piston and screw on/off and direct digital valves. Up to 8–machine sections including analog and digital devices for oil pressure, discharge temp, air–cooled condenser, etc.
Heating 3 stages, on/off or analog control
Humidity 3 stages, on/off or analog control
Events 8 user–definable


*Networking Each VS1 can be configured as a web server for an intranet, LAN, WAN, or the Internet. Network printing for all VS1’s. Servers available for additional network services.
*Requires additional hardware  
Russells BlueStar™ color touch screen controller is a powerful state of the art chamber controller/microprocessor that makes programming your test chamber a breeze. Take control of your Russells chamber with a touch of the finger. BlueStar™ is packed with features that you would not find on other touch controllers. BlueStar™ features:
  • 8.9” WSVGA TFT touch panel PC
  • Intuitive touch functionality
  • High performance 32 bit dual core microprocessor
  • 4 channels of control
  • Product temperature control
  • Graphical trending of control and process
  • Data logging of 8 user configurable analog input/output
  • Data easily exported to .csv file via USB
  • Trend view feature
  • Inputs for chamber system monitor and preventative maintenance
  • Remote Ethernet/RS-232/RS-485 communications
  • Multiple users
  • Easily retrofitted to most existing chambers
  • Password protection
Let BlueStar™ be the star of your lab!


    4 Process Variables
    Windows 32 bit (Windows 7 compatible)
    Intel Dual Core Atom Processor
    8.9” WSVGA TFT touch panel PC
    LED backlight
    1024 x600, 256K
    4GB Solid State Hard Drive
    10/100 Ethernet Via RJ-45, RS-232, RS-485
  • USB:
    (1) 2.0 For Data Transfer
    In:100-250 VDC/47-64 HZ
    Out: 12V DC/5a (60W)
    -10°C(14°F) to 60°C(140°F)
    10% to 95% RH @40°C Non-Condensing
    Stop, Manual, Profile, Soak, Ramp, Loop, Next Profile
    999 Loops
    Program On The Fly
    (8) User Definable
    Expandable to 64
    Minimum of 30 second intervals
    Program and Process Data
    Real Time Up To 30 Days
    Expandable to 64
    T,J, or K type Thermocouples
    Optional: RTD (PT100)
  • DIGITAL INPUTS: (16 depending on config.)
  • DIGITAL OUTPUTS: (16 depending on config.)
    Contact: 2A Max. Resistive, 80VA Inductive
    1-999 hours
    32 User Definable w/History
Watlow Series F4 Controllers
  Watlow's Series F4 controllers offer high performance PID control tailored for environmental chamber or furnace and oven applications. With one or two loops of control, along with industry leading control features, including cascade, differential, and ratio control, these controllers are ideally suited for your most demanding control applications.
Standard Features Main Screen
  • All current information is available on the screen alarms: current setpoint, process variables, and chamber state
  • All information is selected from a pull down menu
  • MDI (Multiple Document Interface)
  • Easy selection between degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit
Analog inputs
  • Selectable inputs: T/C, RTD, Voltage, Current, Millivolt (8 channels included) expandable to 64
  • Completely configurable 4 channels of control plus true PI control for product control
  • Programmable restart modes after power failure
Optional Accessories:
  • Data logging of 8 channels standard, expandable to 64
  • Automatic 30–day trending of up to 64 variables
  • Charts can be automatically selected by trend lengths from 1 hour to 30 days
  • Multiple charts can be displayed at the same time
  • Pen selection can be changed by color and line attributes. Pens can also be turned on and off
  • Built–in zoom feature
  • Charts can be exported in CSV format for import into Excel
  • Charts can be saved with up to 32–character names
  • Saved charts can be played back