Stress Life

The Strain-Life method is applicable to a wide range of problems including low-cycle fatigue where the local elastic-plastic strain controls the fatigue life. The standard E-N method uses the Coffin-Manson-Basquin formula, defining the relationship between strain amplitude εa and the number of cycles to failure Nf. Material models can also be defined using general look-up curves. This enables the ability to interpolate multiple material data curves for factors such as mean stress or temperature.

Material models
  • Standard EN
  • EN Mean multi-curve
  • EN R-ratio multi-curve
  • EN Temperature multi-curve
Strain combination methods or critical plane analysis
Stress-strain tracking for accurate cycle positioning
Back calculation to target life
Multiaxial Damage Models
  • Wang Brown
  • Wang Brown with Mean
Mean stress corrections
  • Morrow
  • Smith Watson Topper/li>    
  • Interpolate multiple curves/li>
Plasticity Corrections
  • Neuber
  • Hoffman-Seeger
  • Seeger-Heuler
Multiaxial Assessment
  • Biaxial
  • 3D Multiaxial
  • Auto-correction
Relationship Files

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