Accelerated Testing

Vibration qualification for environmental testing can be a time-consuming process. GlyphWorks Accelerated Testing provides the ability to create a representative PSD or swept sine shaker vibration test based on measured data. It enables the combination of multiple time or frequency domain data sets into representative test spectra that accelerate the test without exceeding realistic levels.

With Accelerated Testing you can:
  • Quantify and compare the vibration levels and fatigue damage for given vibration shaker tests
  • Accelerate a vibration test using objective, justifiable and quantitative methods
  • Qualify a component in a new vibration environment using read-across evidence from a qualification in another vibration environment

GlyphWorks Accelerated Testing is the only known supported commercial software that makes it possible to quantify the fatigue damage of a vibration test. It is based on GAM EG-13/NATO AECTP200 standards and allows users to design test scenarios that take a fraction of the time of a traditional test.

Accelerated Testing also enables measured test data to be compared with the severity of the testing profile, thus enabling assessment of whether components in service will likely survive to the target service life. This known safety margin may help extend the life of parts in service or conversely avoid unexpected failures.